Despite being a perfectly entertaining Disney picture, Wreck-it Ralph leaves that nagging taste in the mouth that it could have been so much more. From the trailer, I’d hoped for a wildly enjoyable romp down video game memory lane bliss, more in line with the “Bad Guys Anonymous” meeting (an AA spoof) from the trailer (and early in the film), where a gaggle of gaming villains commiserate in a sad sack circle. Unfortunately, while there are a few other nostalgic highlights, Wreck-it Ralph mostly morphs into a generic Disney picture: harmless, simple fun with a clean message and uplifting conclusion. It’s basically what we’ve come to expect from Disney movies since the mid-90′s…which is charming enough, but a let-down given the creative premise of a video game villain desperate to taste what it’s like to be the hero, and game-hopping to earn a medal and find out. Caveats and expectations aside, Wreck-it Ralph does meet the threshold of family fun, and constitutes a fine day out at the theater with the kiddos. And Jane Lynch voices the militant female captain Calhoun to perfection. So go to the multiplex, but expect to see the same movie you’ve been seeing for the past 15 years.