Departed1Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster opus finds him abandoning the familiar streets of his beloved New York for Boston, where the accentuated accents and smaller scale threaten to take him out of his element. Ambience is the least of The Departed’s problems, however: the film is superbly shot, and the rapid-fire editing and shaky camera fit the constant flux that the main characters find themselves in time and again. Then again, it would be a surprise to see anything less than technical excellence from Scorsese, who knows cinema and its intricacies as well as any American director working today. Where The Departed falters, however, is in its multiple plot holes, weakly developed supporting cast, and overstuffed running time, which doesn’t detract from its entertainment value (it’s plenty of fun) as much as it does from any emotional heft like Goodfellas and Casino possessed. It’s a fine enough movie and slickly done, but its extreme hype stems exclusively from the name value of its director.