WrestlingWithangelsJudging from the warm, likable aura that Tony Kushner emits in Freida Lee Mock’s Wrestling With Angels, this could have been a much more interesting film. Beyond it’s educational value for those unfamiliar with Kushner’s work, politics, and sexuality (like myself), there’s not much to grab onto here. The editing is extremely slipshod, with drawn-out scenes from Kushner’s plays breaking up choppy interviews and random moments from his personal life, and Mock jumps from topic to topic without any discernible rhythm—the picture is broken into three acts, and there’s no fluidity in the transition from section to section. While Kushner is clearly an exceptionally intelligent and strong man—he has a husband, and continued on with his play on Afghanistan in the face of 9/11—Wrestling With Angels always keeps the viewers on the outside of the looking glass, prohibiting much emotional connectivity to someone who clearly warrants it.