Ah, fatherhood. As I can personally attest, it most certainly does change your life, and 90% of that change is for better. Among other things, it forces you to man up and take responsibility in a whole new way; opens up your heart; inspires you to be better; and torpedoes your sleep schedule. It also reminds you that you’re now a role model in a priceless, one-of-a-kind way, and that’s the subject of Andrea Blaugrund Nevins’ documentary, The Other F Word—the striking way that paternity tamed a score of rebellious punk rockers whose previous claim to the letter was firing F-Bombs left and right everywhere they went, particularly on stage. Nevins does a nice job of depicting the balance that these fiercely independent folks find between keeping their identity as a man and developing a new one as a daddy. Tony Adolescent of The Adolescents is particularly entertaining to watch, but really, it’s a trip watching all of these hard-core, tattooed musicians scramble to explain away a cuss word in front of their daughter. It’s a pretty one-note documentary, though. Some really sweet moments and an interesting topic don’t warrant a feature length picture in the format we’re given. It’s just too much of the same without much breadth of scope. However, we do get to see Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers cry. That earns The Other F Word some bonus points in my book.