ForYourConsiderationChristopher Guest’s mockumentaries (Waiting for Guffman; Best in Show; A Mighty Wind) have ranged from at best, side-splitting, to at worst, dryly amusing…until now. His latest, For Your Consideration, smacks of an impostor at the helm, as if some cocky NYU film grad smugly decided to make *his own* Christopher Guest movie. Aside from an occasional chuckle, For Your Consideration is banal and, worst of all, frequently annoying. Strange, too, as the premise–the set of a fictional movie, where the stars seem poised to earn the unlikeliest of Oscar nods–appears custom-made for Guest’s comedic style. The usual cast of thousands, including Parker Posey and Eugene Levy, are all in place. So what went wrong? I suspect that Guest became a bit too enamored of his past successes, and relaxed while up on his high horse. The usual spark and wit is absent, replaced by stale banter that feels recycled from previous material. Not recommended.