I’m not a fan of screwballs in general, and I thought the only Hawks contribution to the genre that I’ve seen, Monkey Business, was pretty terrible. So it could be argued that I was setting myself up for disappointment by watching Bringing Up Baby in the first place, a film in which Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn bicker back-and-forth at breakneck speed over dinosaur bones, missing clothes, their priorities, and a leopard named Baby. Its reputation makes it almost required viewing, though, and seen through the prism of low expectations, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The script is light and charming, and I actually laughed out loud a few times. Grant plays the timid Dr. David Huxley with the proper restraint and tics. Hepburn, though…I’ve gotta resign myself to the fact that I’m just not a fan. Her voice grates on me, and her poofy hair and bone structure does as well. She has her moments, including in this and especially in George Cukor’s Holiday (where I did think she was perfectly cast), but I just don’t find her an appealing leading woman, though she is properly positioned as a mischievous lady rather than a sexpot in most of her films. Anyway, in Bringing Up Baby, her mannerisms and whining kept me from enjoying her mind games with Grant very much. There’s a good deal here to admire for those who are warmer towards both Hepburn and screwballs in general, though.