LittleMissSunshineThis is essentially the year’s big gun independent flick, like 2004′s Garden State. The first half is somewhat endearing and amusing, but the clich├ęs begin piling up and it slowly starts to fall apart once Grandpa bites the dust. Steve Carrell is terrific as the suicidal gay brother, and the rest of the cast is solid enough, but there’s really a “been there, done that” vibe with the whole affair; characters like the Nietzsche-obsessed, silent-by-choice Dwayne reek of look-at-me indie cockiness. Additionally, the ending is a real odd duck: Olive’s dance routine begs the question of why her grandfather (who gave no indications of being a pedophile) would teach her such dance move. Faithful readers, feel free to enlighten me on the ‘deep’ meaning behind the finale. Harmless enough as passable road movies go, but I can’t help but wish directors of films like these would grow some damn balls.