2DaysParis1It pains me to write this capsule, really. Despite the lukewarm (at best) reviews, I was extremely excited to see 2 Days in Paris. After falling oh-so-deeply in love with Julie Delpy in Vienna and Paris in Before Sunrise & Before Sunset, how could seeing her stroll around Paris again be anything but delightful? Easily, as it turns out; 2 Days in Paris is a mix of awful Woody Allen and mental masturbation on Delpy’s part. There’s no fluidity to the banter between Delpy and Adam Goldberg, who’s miserably out of his element in a naturalistic setting; his delivery is painful, and Delpy is irritating where she should be whimsical and cute. Simply put, there’s no magic here. Delpy’s poor casting with Goldberg is a serious setback, but I’m not sure that there was any saving this one…Delpy clearly drank too deeply from her success in Linklater’s masterpieces, and bit off more than she could chew with a pretentious debacle. Here’s hoping she takes a deep breath, and returns to being my crush (and a hell of a talent).