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Fashion- big word. Fashion is one of the most considered immortal words of all time. Everybody knows fashion. Fashion is automatically equated to Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, LV, Lacoste, and all the other signature brands out there. These brand names became so popular because of their famous fashion pieces.

Versace became famous for its unique and eccentric designs. Dolce&Gabbana borrowed its fame from its elegant and classy look. LV got famous because of its bags and Lacoste got their fame from its polo shirts. These fashion pieces are so iconic that they alone, became the brand itself.

wholesalelanyardsWhat’s great about the fashion industry is despite its glamour, it’s never limited to the bags, the shirts, perfumes and underwear’s. It is so diverse that even the faux feathers used by the Las Vegas girls became a fashion piece during the 80’s. Who could have ever imagined that jumpsuits worn by male workers, when put on a model can become a fashion piece in the 90’s and is still a trend today? Who could have ever imagined that a handkerchief, if worn on the head with matching big shades and a red lipstick can become a fashion craze in the 60s? The fashion world is one majestic realm that can turn anything into a fantastic work of art.

Have you heard that stuff toy- wearing is now famous in Korea? How about putting a live plant on your head is now a craze in China? Anything you can put on you can become a fashion hit.

Having all that said, there is one piece today that is a hit for people who loves travelling and gadgets. They are the lanyards.

Lanyards are very useful as they make you not forget your keys as they can be used as key holders. They keep your Identification intact. They make a good free advertising for companies when their employees wear them outside. Lanyards have a very wide scope of usage and one main function of it today is to hold gadgets and even cameras.

Most often than not, people who loves travelling made lanyards a part of their clothing. They wear it every day, any time and any occasion as long as it can hold their cell phones and their cameras. Since gadget –wearing is a hit nowadays, it is just to have the best in lanyards. Lanyards must be fun, stylish yet very reliable when it comes to strength.

Thanks to Wholesalelanyards, one can now have the confidence to wear their gadgets without worrying of their get-up.

Wholesalelanyards is the only lanyard company which gives its clients the liberty to choose. Choose their own material as they have a wide variety of fabric for the lanyards, the attachments, and the designs to be printed. That makes it more fun and more stylish!

Since gadget wearing is a hit, take note of these tips from Wholesalelanyards to ensure that your phones and cameras are well- maintained while you are in action.

1. Wear one gadget at a time.

Gadget- wearing is indeed the hottest trend today, but don’t get too flashy that you will wear all at the same time. Wearing your gadgets all at the same time can cause collision to your gadget that can lead to damaging the exterior and might cause extreme trauma on the gadgets’ interior.

2. Put your gadgets in a protective casing.

Since your gadgets are dangling on your neck and will be exposed to direct heat, humidity and air-borne chemicals, it is always a must to enclose them in a protective case. This way, getting wet and damaging the other elements inside the gadget can be avoided.

3. Avoid crowded places.

Since you will be wearing your gadgets, it is always safer to avoid crowded places. Not only you will be protecting your gadgets from the harmful elements in the environment, you will also be keeping your gadget safe against thieves and robbers.

4.  Clean your gadgets after an outdoor activity.

Even if your gadgets are placed inside a protective pouch, always make sure to clean your gadgets with a soft and absorbent cloth to remove dust and moisture before storing them.

5. Choose which gadget to bring.

Every gadget can only endure a certain level of impact. So to avoid it from retiring prematurely, make sure to check on how strenuous your activity will be before picking out your gadgets to bring.

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