Lanyards as Fashion Pieces at Wholesalelanyards

Fashion- big word. Fashion is one of the most considered immortal words of all time. Everybody knows fashion. Fashion is automatically equated to Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, LV, Lacoste, and all the other signature brands out there. These brand names became so popular because of their famous fashion pieces.

Versace became famous for its unique and eccentric designs. Dolce&Gabbana borrowed its fame from its elegant and classy look. LV got famous because of its bags and Lacoste got their fame from its polo shirts. These fashion pieces are so iconic that they alone, became the brand itself.

wholesalelanyardsWhat’s great about the fashion industry is despite its glamour, it’s never limited to the bags, the shirts, perfumes and underwear’s. It is so diverse that even the faux feathers used by the Las Vegas girls became a fashion piece during the 80’s. Who could have ever imagined that jumpsuits worn by male workers, when put on a model can become a fashion piece in the 90’s and is still a trend today? Who could have ever imagined that a handkerchief, if worn on the head with matching big shades and a red lipstick can become a fashion craze in the 60s? The fashion world is one majestic realm that can turn anything into a fantastic work of art.

Have you heard that stuff toy- wearing is now famous in Korea? How about putting a live plant on your head is now a craze in China? Anything you can put on you can become a fashion hit.

Having all that said, there is one piece today that is a hit for people who loves travelling and gadgets. They are the lanyards.

Lanyards are very useful as they make you not forget your keys as they can be used as key holders. They keep your Identification intact. They make a good free advertising for companies when their employees wear them outside. Lanyards have a very wide scope of usage and one main function of it today is to hold gadgets and even cameras.

Most often than not, people who loves travelling made lanyards a part of their clothing. They wear it every day, any time and any occasion as long as it can hold their cell phones and their cameras. Since gadget –wearing is a hit nowadays, it is just to have the best in lanyards. Lanyards must be fun, stylish yet very reliable when it comes to strength.

Thanks to Wholesalelanyards, one can now have the confidence to wear their gadgets without worrying of their get-up.

Wholesalelanyards is the only lanyard company which gives its clients the liberty to choose. Choose their own material as they have a wide variety of fabric for the lanyards, the attachments, and the designs to be printed. That makes it more fun and more stylish!

Since gadget wearing is a hit, take note of these tips from Wholesalelanyards to ensure that your phones and cameras are well- maintained while you are in action.

1. Wear one gadget at a time.

Gadget- wearing is indeed the hottest trend today, but don’t get too flashy that you will wear all at the same time. Wearing your gadgets all at the same time can cause collision to your gadget that can lead to damaging the exterior and might cause extreme trauma on the gadgets’ interior.

2. Put your gadgets in a protective casing.

Since your gadgets are dangling on your neck and will be exposed to direct heat, humidity and air-borne chemicals, it is always a must to enclose them in a protective case. This way, getting wet and damaging the other elements inside the gadget can be avoided.

3. Avoid crowded places.

Since you will be wearing your gadgets, it is always safer to avoid crowded places. Not only you will be protecting your gadgets from the harmful elements in the environment, you will also be keeping your gadget safe against thieves and robbers.

4.  Clean your gadgets after an outdoor activity.

Even if your gadgets are placed inside a protective pouch, always make sure to clean your gadgets with a soft and absorbent cloth to remove dust and moisture before storing them.

5. Choose which gadget to bring.

Every gadget can only endure a certain level of impact. So to avoid it from retiring prematurely, make sure to check on how strenuous your activity will be before picking out your gadgets to bring.

For more information about Wholesalelanyards, just head on to its website. Of course, you may also get in touch with us through phone or email.

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For more information about lanyards click wholesalelanyards, just head on to website. Of course, you may also get in touch with us through phone or email.

Unconventional Uses Of Storage Containers

Storage containers are not just for moving or storing things. They can be used in different ways. There are a lot of people nowadays who find unconventional uses and continue to find other uses for the shipping containers.

The portable containers are dependable. They can be used as storage rooms, home offices, or workshops. The great thing about having a portable container in your own yard is its accessibility. The things you store are just nearby and retrieval is simpler and easier.

You can rent out your container or you can buy it. If you rent the container, you are not allowed to make any alterations or modifications to it. You need to return it exactly the way it was delivered to your place.

If you need to turn the container into something that will serve your purpose real well, then you need to buy it. You can only modify it if you own it.

A Music Room

If it’s your dream to have a music room as soon as possible but you only got a limited fund, then you can buy a storage container and convert it into your very own music room. It is a great solution to house your equipment and other important music pieces and at the same time keep them safe and secure. You can modify your container according to your needs and preference. You can alter your own container to your heart’s content. Make sure that it also blends well with the surroundings while exuding the aura of a music room.

Den Or Mini Office

 movable cubicle If you don’t have your own private den or office at home where you can have your “me time”, then you can turn a storage container into a suitable den or home office. Most metal storage containers have marine wood floors, proper ventilation, and special walls. The container allows the owner to turn it into a room where it is comfortable to stay. The container provides security that you will surely appreciate. It is safe, sturdy, and all weather proof. You can keep the noise under control, and you will surely feel calm and relaxed. There’s no better “me time” than having your own personal space that no one can possibly invade. You will be able to focus more on your work.

A Guest Room

It is sometimes bothersome to let a relative stay for a night all the time, and it feels awkward to make her stay in a motel. If you have a regular guest who does that, then it is wise to have a storage container guest room outside your home. You can let your guest spend the night, while your living space remains private to you and your family.

Different Library Project

Are you looking for a different kind of library project? You can use storage containers if you want to build a library for a certain community or school. It is advisable to buy a shipping container and convert it into a mini library. You need to ask permission (if you are going to give it to the community) to the land owner where you intend to put the library. You can ask the entire community or school to help out in making and keeping the mini library beautiful and neat. You can turn it into an annual project if your organization has gathered enough funds to buy a shipping container to convert into a mini library.

A Mini Cafe

You can also turn your storage container into a mini café if you would like to run a refreshment stand or whatever business you have in mind. Gather some information about the papers that you need to secure before starting your business. Different areas may have different requirements before you can be allowed to operate your business.

There are so many things that you can do with the storage containers. You can turn a storage container into a bar outside your house, a tailoring shop, or anything that comes to mind.

Can an Expensive Set of Golf Clubs Really Up Your Game?

So you and your friend decided to play the 18 holes. You accept the friendly match, have a good game, and at the end of the day, you are beaten by your friend by 3 strokes. So close! You know that you have more than a beginner’s skill and knowledge of the game, but that the only difference between you and your friend is that you have a set of irons that you got on sale for less than a hundred dollars, while your friend has a shiny new set of Taylor made golf clubs. The question is, does the equipment really make a difference?

Yes and No

golfThe short answer is that yes, more expensive equipment makes a difference, but no, probably not in the way you would expect it. You see, most beginner golfers have the impression that golf is simply whacking a golf ball as hard as you can and letting the clubs do the rest, but golf is actually more than that. Successful golfing requires precision and skill, in the way that you would have to know the strength of your strokes and the mechanical, almost automatic graceful curve of your pivot for every situation on the green, fairway, or putt. That kind of skill takes years to master, even if you are a golfing prodigy, and there is no way that even the most expensive Taylor made golf clubs will give you that kind of advantage.

On the other hand, better equipment does give you a certain kind of advantage. Make no mistake about it – there is a reason why seasoned or professional golf players use state of the art golf clubs instead of those you will see on the discounted display in Wal-Mart. A better set of equipment might give you a hair or two in terms of advantage at most, but in a sport like golf, most of the times, a hair is the only thing that separates the victor from the loser.


So, what can expensive Taylor made golf clubs do to your game? If you are a beginner, it would not matter if you wielded a beginner’s iron, a professional iron, or a wooden stick. Beginners with no sense of skill or personal physical control will do badly no matter what kind of golf club they handle. However, for those who have had experience or lessons with the game and how to execute strokes properly, expensive irons or golf clubs will give them the advantage based on their physical skills and capabilities. In other words, expensive gold clubs that were crafted with ergonomic design will only enhance the inherent skills that the golfer has.

golf playingTake for instance the starting swing. For most players, sending the ball as near to the hole as you can on the first swing is the goal, but no matter how strong you smack the golf ball, you can only do so much with a beginner’s club, even if you have the posture and the strength part down pat. Using a more expensive golf club will give you a slight advantage, as the manufacturers have engineered their equipment to give the ball an extra push, so to speak. Whether it is because of the club’s angle, or the lightness of the shaft, an expensive golf club will enhance your powerful swing to fly that dimpled ball closer to the hole – but it will not perform miracles if you swung badly.

Better Skills; Better Equipment

So, should you skip on those discounted clubs and splurge on more expensive goods, or should you skimp on the pricey stuff and settle for less? The answer depends on how committed you are to golfing. If you are someone who just gulfs once or twice a year for fun, then spending hundreds of dollars on a premium golf set is not very wise. However, if you truly love the sport and if you would like to continue to train and hone your skills, then save up for more expensive professional clubs like Taylor made golf irons, because the slight edge they can give your strokes might just be what you need to win the game.

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Better equipment does give you a certain kind of advantage then save up for more expensive professional clubs like Taylor made golf irons. have listings of available clubs, their prices, and more detailed descriptions. Check them out to learn more!

Influencing People by Being a Great Keynote Speaker

What does it take to be a great keynote speaker? A speaker’s duty is to influence the listeners by persuading them to believe something they had not seen or known before.

As a professional keynote speaker, the obvious part of the job is to get up on stage neatly dressed, and start off an event by speaking for a short amount of time. Usually, speakers talk for about an hour. What occurs on that stage during that time is what you need to look at now.

In a particular sense, each speaker’s has a vast area of expertise. Most speakers specialize in almost everything from sales, team building, and positive thinking. Without any doubt, someone out there definitely specializes in negative thinking, too.

Power within a Message

What’s most important about these professionals though isn’t their knowledge, but rather their ability to convey a very specific and useful message. How do these speakers add worth to your company, your event, your meeting, and your future? How can they influence people to become good leaders and successful entrepreneurs? The answer lies in the message.

Motivational-SpeakerIf a company needs to understand the significance of change, a speaker should look at how that change has affected others in a real life situation. You can even hear from someone else why that change was so important that it made them think twice and look at things differently. A speaker is the perfect person to convey that message. Being experts in understanding others and gathering insights from those around them, these professionals know what it takes to relate and empathize.

A great keynote speaker will make the most of circumstances by requesting for participation and commitment from the listeners. This is because speakers are distinctively positioned to get listeners to do something—to make them take action. That is why speakers are thankful to the temporary authority granted to them through the event.

Speakers are group leaders who can touch the hearts of the audience. They have the opportunity to take the listeners on an educational journey that can drive them towards a new place, position, or outlook in life. People only begin to take action because of the influence of others. In this context, professional speakers have an exclusive opportunity to do exactly what those people want—to bring about change within them.

One keynote speaker can’t possibly transform the world, but one speaker who conveys the right message, possesses the right tools, and provides the right delivery can make the listeners understand why their world needs to be transformed. It will not only show them how to do it, but they will attain knowledge on how to get inspired to do it well.

Don’t Expect Perfection

A keynote speech is not really an effective means of making detailed steps, plans, or notions, for the listeners are too busy responding to a speaker’s talk to work on such provided details.

It is not realistic to expect that a speaker can talk for about 45 minutes or so and bring about an instant solution to a long-standing issue the company has been facing. They cannot suddenly fix the problem that the company has been struggling for many years to solve and overcome.

Despite having such limitations, a speaker might just be able to influence people to do

better and work harder towards a solution. As pointed out repeatedly, hiring such a professional is among the best ways of bringing in new thoughts, perspectives, memorable experiences, and inspiration—making it clear to everyone in the audience why solving things or working towards progress is important in the first place.

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Speakers are group leaders who can touch the hearts of the audience. They have the opportunity to take the listeners on an educational journey. To know more visit

Online Chat Service – Making Online Customer Service Better

Your business online customer support will not be complete without online chat service. There is no better way for an online business to reach their customers, but through a chat service. It has become an essential part of the overall online business. Consumers all over the world depend on live chat to purchase online safely. It actually has a lot to do with the increasing profits the online businesses are making.

There are lots of companies who have benefited from live chat service. Below are some facts that will show you how helpful chat service is:

Increasing Popularity

Live ChatThe integration of online chat service makes a website popular. This has been proven many times by companies that make a lot of money simply by having the live chat service on their website. It is not as simple as having a live chat icon on your website. You also need to learn the strategic way of using it. Virgin group of companies has benefited a lot from chat service, and it is actually one of their secrets why they became one of the biggest companies worldwide. Live chat is a unique way for the consumers to approach a company.

Unavoidable Incentives

The chat button is a great option to develop instant contact with online consumers. Offers and incentives, such as free shipping and promotional coupons would go unnoticed naturally if you do not have a live chat installed on your business site. Through the web-based chat application, your chat agents can communicate with your clients to explain the company’s new offers, discounts and other deals.

Secured Purchasing

One of the major concerns of the consumers when making a purchase online is their security. Since they provide personal information they feel that their identity is at risk. Most of the time the businesses use emails to collect information from the customers, which can be easily hacked. This is one of the reasons why the clients are not that confident about online shopping. Having a tool like online chat service, client information security is unavoidable. As the client will be in direct contact with the company, his information will go directly into the company’s system, where it is kept secure.

Online Chat Service Means Real-Time Help

The majority of the companies using live chat on their website should remember that this is a promise of an immediate assistance and an access to well-skilled advisor. Waiting time and first response time are some of the important factors to consider.

Live Chat supportThose who are working with online visitors using online live chat service are more efficient as compared to sales representative in a grocery store or call center agents. They can handle multiple conversations at the same time while keeping high quality service to each one of them. Using special tools such as customer message previews or canned responses makes their task even more comfortable.

Text communication has several restrictions for the users. Staff requires to use the right language, including the spelling, style and grammar. It should match the language utilized on your website.

Customizing Online Chat Installation

Technically, adding and online chat service on the website is easy – most of the time as easy as copy/paste approach on a piece of code. The code is the one used in monitoring customer activity in real-time, inviting visitors to chat and actually for the actual chat. The web developer will handle this part.

Once set-up don’t forget to adjust the look and feel of your chat icon. You can a logo, make sure that the colors in the design are the same, use picture of your customer service staff and real names. This will make the chat icon looks professional and your business will be perceived as reliable, trustful and transparent.